Grand trust




Andrew Kluger presents vivid imagery and poetry from his pilgrimage to reconcile beliefs and actions in 21st century life.

Filled with full page photographs, intimate notes, and hand drawn sketches, Grand Trust takes readers through the construction and rambunctious use of radically different spaces---

A waterfront urban farm, BMX course, and amphitheater, squeezed between Brooklyn’s aging industrial history and spanking new residential development;

A sailboat in the sparkling waters outside San Francisco;

a tree house built on a Jamaican cliff; a Brooklyn recording studio and community center created within an old warehouse.

Interspersed with these projects are colorful voyages to Hawaiian waterfalls and remote Chilean islands, featuring their inherent cultural richness and natural beauty.

Kluger eloquently shares his philosophical, scientific, and spiritual journey, giving the reader a grounding, though-provoking, and invigorating ride.



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