end of the island


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EOTI is a creative production agency specializing in film, photography, and immersive design.



At the End of The Island

It’s a context for tone. For some tone. It doesn’t have to be everything. It’s there to be amorphous and enigmatic. What does EOTI stand for!? How do you PRONOUNCE it!? [ee-oh-tee]

You can always find us at the end of one island or another.  We have studios at the southern tip of Manhattan, a populous island of vigor and might.  We spend weekends at both ends of Long Island, in Brooklyn and Montauk.

It’s a perspective.  I want to be alone in solitude where no one can find me. I want to be in the center of the greatest, largest human network. I want to learn from the greatest minds and share in our mutual delights and defeats.